Reference event

2019 Swiss Holiday Convention

23/24 April 2019
1,310 people
All Venues used

Annual event of the Swiss tourism industry

The Swiss Holiday Convention is the largest and most important annual event of the Swiss Tourism Industry. On two days in April 2019, participants throughout the city of Lucerne experienced exciting lectures during the plenary session and had a wide array of diverse breakout sessions to choose from. The more than 1,300 guests at KKL Luzern also had a personally organised programme.

Plenary Session in the Concert Hall

The Concert Hall provided the appropriate venue for the lectures of the plenary session. Two large LED walls on the stage ensured an impressive transmission of the content.

Exhibition and Breakout Sessions

Lucerne Hall, in turn, was the site of an exhibition and the catering in buffet form. The ideal space was created here for important networking and personal conversations with other members of the industry. Individual breakout sessions took place in Wing A. The participants were thus able to experience the entirety of KKL Luzern.

“The KKL Luzern offered the ideal infrastructure with impressive venues that met the various needs of the simultaneous breakout sessions. The KKL Team is distinguished by its professionalism, flexibility, and quality of service. We can look back on a pleasant collaboration, especially with our always competent and solution-oriented point of contact. I would always recommend KKL for conducting your event.”

–  Letizia Elia, Head of Business Development (until July 2022)