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    Sponsoring and Advertising Space

    External Space for Sponsoring and Advertising

    You have the option to advertise your event on a large number of billboards around the KKL Luzern. These advertising spaces are frequented by large volumes of audience traffic and flows of commuters. The façade can be used with three-metre wide and twelve-metre high banners for the visibility of your event. The waving flags in front of the building towards Bahnhofsplatz are also unique eye-catchers that can be booked. 

    In-house Sponsoring & Advertising Space

    There are opportunities to increase visibility not only around the KKL Luzern but also within the building. Awareness can be raised using logo projections onto the water channels. Our Technical Team will be happy to advise you on this.

    It is also possible to display your advertising materials or products in or around the building or to sell merchandise after your event.  

    Offline Sponsoring and Advertising Space

    An advertisement placed in the quarterly programme booklet Klangwelle can bring your event to the attention of your relevant target group. With a circulation of 11,000 copies, you will achieve good reach. 

    Online Sponsoring and Advertising Space

    You can also place your event online. The website has numerous such options for cultural events. Additionally, the monthly newsletter and the KKL Luzern social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram are also interesting advertising platforms.

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