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    KKL Luzern

    Concert Hall

    Concert Hall

    The Centrepiece

    The world-famous Concert Hall stands out for its unique acoustics. Designed by New Yorker Russel Johnson, the optimal spatial ratio of 1:1:2 is mainly responsible for the perfect sound. Around 24,000 plaster reliefs, with an edge length of 20 cm, serve as additional acoustic elements. In the architecturally breath-taking hall, concert events become very special experiences.

    The Concert Hall is also ideal for a plenary session of your congress and adds a real “wow” factor. 

    Classical Concert in the Concert Hall of the KKL Lucerne with a view of the Stage from the 4th Balcony.




    square metres of stage


    format for unique acoustics

    Whether it is for a cultural event or a congress, the Concert Hall is guaranteed to amaze.

    Check out the new ways to use the versatile Concert Hall

    The Concert Hall owes its fame to its unique acoustics and top-level classical concerts. It hosts the Lucerne Festival, one of the best-known classical music festivals in the world, and is the home venue of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, our orchestra in residence. In addition to unamplified concerts, the Concert Hall is ideally suited for partially or fully amplified concerts. Congresses and award shows can also be held in the architecturally stunning Concert Hall.

    Concert Hall Capacities


    Up to 1'898 persons


    Up to 1'500 persons

    3D Experience

    Where are the numerous event rooms in the KKL Luzern located? Discover the architectural masterpiece in the online 3D Experience. Step inside and find the perfect venue for your event on the banks of Lake Lucerne.

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    Our in-house services will make your event truly special. 

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