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    7 June 2018
    600 people
    Lucerne Hall, Lucerne Terrace

    Public event

    Eco2friendly Day is a multifaceted illustration of how resources can be used wisely. The public event at KKL Luzern on 7 June 2018 drew around 600 people, who learned all about the topic of energy-efficient building and living and gained many new ideas and inspiration from diverse speakers.


    Since 2012, eco2friendly Day has been held every two years at KKL Luzern. The event took place in Lucerne Hall; participants were served aperitifs and lunch on the Lucerne Terrace.

    Ticketing for conventions

    All the ticketing for the convention was handled by KKL Luzern.

    “An event like eco2friendly Day, which is concerned with intelligent contemporary living and building, is a perfect fit for the KKL because modernity and savoir vivre are combined here in confident style. This is why the KKL is known for the best views and perspectives––just like eco2friendly Day.”

    –  Pascal Grolimund, Head of Marketing

    Images by © Debora Eliyo-Zeyrek

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